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The mobile app of PKO Bank Polski, celebrating its 100th birthday, tops the international ranking once again!

  • The IKO app once again won the ranking of mobile apps of 100 banks from all over the world published by the British Retail Banker International.
  • IKO continues to be evaluated as best in the world by its customers.
  • PKO customers have over 3.2 million active IKO apps in total and the bank boasts of a 25% share in the market of mobile banking in Poland.

In the most recent ranking of the British Retail Banker International, IKO of PKO Bank Polski once again turned out to be the best evaluated app in the world by customers. The Bank enters the second century of its operation as the technological leader.

Once again, the app of PKO Bank Polski turned out to be better than apps  designed by such banking giants as JP Morgan Chase, Barclays and Bank of America. In two largest app stores, the customers rated IKO over 300,000 times and the average rating is 4.8 out of 5 maximum stars.

“We are just entering the second century of the Bank’s operation which, without doubt, is going to be the century of digital banking. Accomplishing such wonderful result by the IKO app once again is a confirmation that we are heading in the right direction. When developing IKO on a daily basis, we focus on making it as simple and intuitive in servicing as possible and the customers value these features most these days. Further digitisation of the bank is both a challenge and a goal, including creation of an eco-system of services that go beyond the traditionally understood finances. Our innovative solutions, such as IKO or Polish Cloud, are excellent tools to accomplish these goals,” says Zbigniew Jagiełło, the President of PKO Bank Polski.

The opinions of customers pertaining to IKO are monitored on a daily basis in Internet app stores, as well as at social networking sites. The ideas of customers concerning new functions in the app are also recorded - an excellent example is the recently implemented functionality “Help with us”, which was previously suggested by one of the app users on a social networking site.

Nowadays, IKO has over 3.2 million active apps. In the 4th quarter of 2018, IKO users completed over 28 million of mobile transactions from the level of the app. In the same period the number of customers who logged in to the bank exclusively with the use of mobile phones has reached almost 1.1 million. PKO Bank Polski incessantly holds a leading position in mobile banking in Poland with a 25% share in the market (report for the 3rd quarter of 2018 about the number of mobile banking users who log in to the bank at least once a month from their mobile devices).

In 2019, IKO will be provided with a mobile authentication tool and a possibility of buying public transport tickets or paying parking fees. The Bank is also working on a project called “Talk to IKO” which is going to allow for controlling the app, and in the future also other added services, with voice.