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Garmin Pay in PKO Bank Polski

  • Garmin Pay service available for PKO Bank Polski clients who hold payment cards
  • Garmin Pay enables proximity payments by means of a smart watch
  • The bank will also enable Apple Pay by the end of September

As of today, holders of PKO Bank Polski payment cards may use the Garmin Pay service. Individual clients of the bank who have a smart watch equipped with the Garmin Pay function may perform contactless payments using their payment cards. The bank will also enable Apple Pay by the end of September.

- The Bank continuously extends the range of services for clients who prefer non-standard but increasingly popular contactless payment solutions. At the end of the 2nd quarter, we had nearly 190 thousand cards used in HCE payments.  Now, our clients may also pay  via their watches. The service will pander to the tastes of people who enjoy active leisure and work on the move. There are more and more of them. They need to pop in a corner shop to buy some water during their morning jogging or buy coffee in a bistro before a company presentation and want to do it in a blink of an eye. This is possible with Garmin Pay: I approach my wrist to the reader - the terminal registers the transaction, I thank the shop assistant and I’m on my way – says Paweł Placzke, head of the Individual Client Product Department at PKO Bank Polski.

Payments by means of Garmin Pay watches may be performed in every shop, service point, or restaurant equipped with a contactless card payment terminal. Holders of PKO Bank Polski and Inteligo cards may connect to Garmin Pay both their debit cards and credit cards, such as Visa or Mastercard. This can be done  via Garmin Connect Mobile (GCM) application which needs to be installed on the smartphone in advance. The application is available for Android and iOS operating systems. The service operates on the following models of Garmin sport and smart watches: fēnix 5S Plus, fēnix 5 Plus, fenix 5X Plus, Forerunner 645, Forerunner 645 Music as well as vívoactive 3 and vívoactive 3 Music.

Garmin Pay allows to perform contactless payments only. Transactions will be shown on the account like regular card payments. They will also be included in the transaction threshold which entitles to card charge exemption. In order to withdraw cash from ATMs, it is necessary to use traditional cards or the IKO application. Please note that Garmin Pay payments may also use the multi-currency card function if currency accounts are connected to the debit card used in the service.  If this is the case, contactless payments performed by means of a watch in the currency of an account connected to the card will be settled directly on that account without the need for currency translation.

Garmin Pay transactions are equally secure as proximity payments by means of a traditional, plastic card. If it is necessary to temporarily block the physical card, e.g. in IKO or iPKO, the card will also be blocked in the GCM application and in the watch. Once the card is unblocked, it is not necessary to reregister through GCM, the card will be automatically reactivated in the watch. Removal and blocking cards connected to the watch is also possible through the GCM application.


PKO Bank Polski is the undisputable leader of the Polish banking sector. In first quater of 2018, its consolidated net profit amounted to PLN 757 mln  (the largest in the Polish banking sector) and the value of assets reached over PLN 295 billion. The Bank is the basic provider of financial services for all customer segments, achieving the highest shares in the deposit market (17.9 percent), loans (17.7 percent), leasing market (12.0 percent) and in the market of investment funds not dedicated (17.2 percent). With over 8.3 million payment cards, the bank is the largest debit and credit card issuer in Poland with a market share of over 21%. Thanks to the development of digital tools, including the IKO application, which already has 2.1 million active applications, PKO Bank Polski has become the most mobile bank in Poland. The Capital Group's companies strengthen the Bank's strong position. The Brokerage House of PKO Bank Polski is a leader in terms of the number and value of IPO and SPO transactions on the capital market. The effective implementation of the growth strategy meant that at the end of 2017, PKO Bank Polski was the most valuable company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.